Mental health podcast launched in Jersey

Two islanders have set up a podcast to encourage conversation about mental health.

This is Me was started by PE teacher Alan Falle and Jersey government employee Stephen Coleman.

Both men struggle with anxiety and depression and have shared their experiences on the first episodes of the podcast.

Mr Falle said the aim of the podcast was to help listeners “engage and think about their own mental health”.

He said: “I hope that by being open, as difficult as that might be at times, we can just make this a topic that’s part of day-to-day conversation.

“If I went out at the weekend, played football and broke my leg, it would be blatantly obvious to people on Monday and Tuesday.

“I’d talk about it, tell them about the rehab session I’m going to… so the idea is that from a mental health perspective, we can do the same.”

Mr Coleman added discussion about mental health was so important because “no one truly knows anyone behind closed doors”.

“I’d say I come across very happy all the time and I’ll admit that I put a front on,” he said.

Later episodes of the podcast will include interviews with fellow islanders about their mental health.