Jersey group set up for hospitality workers

A new charity fund has launched to help hospitality workers struggling with their mental health, domestic abuse or alcohol and substance problems.

Simon Soar set up Mindful Serve to help raise money for those working in the hospitality industry to gain access to private support.

It will provide support for those taking “the first step” in reaching out for help.

Mr Soar said it would be open to everyone in the industry.

“A large part of working in this industry involves unsocial hours and that means you miss opportunities to process what you are going through via social interactions.

“Sometimes it leads to people ending up in a place they don’t want to be, and I hope this will give them options,” he said.

The fund will help those from entry level to “the very top”, and would also be open to workers in the island’s tourism sector.

Founder of WellBeing World Beverley Le Cuirot will work with the fund and her firm is set to provide a 24/7 helpline.