Red Rocket Events

In 2017, Jenny Rayner and Anne-Marie Khouri launched Red Rocket Events, a bespoke event management company specialising in mental health and working with charities. Can Anyone Hear Me? was designed as a series of Summits with one main objective – to give children and young adults a voice. Both Anne-Marie and Jenny, are passionate about raising awareness and removing the stigma associated with mental health. 

By having a conversation, getting key figures from the mental health sector together and by giving young adults the opportunity to share their experiences, only then do we the really start to work together to correctly diagnose and recognise the issues faced in early adulthood. We want to affect change, to empower these young people to be heard, so that they can help others to get the help and support they so desperately need.

In 2021, Medication in Mental Health, a two-day Live Webinar and Mental Health Matters Hub, an online mental health community platform were launched.

Medication in Mental Health will address various forms of medication and how it is used to help treat mental health. Medication is only one part of treatment for mental illness. It is usually offered together with psychological treatment (talking therapy), education and lifestyle advice.

For some people, drugs are a short-term solution used to get them over an immediate crisis. For other people, drugs are an on-going, long-term treatment that enables them to live with severe and enduring mental health problems.

One adult in eight (12.1%) receives mental health treatment, with 10.4% receiving medication and 3% receiving psychological therapy. The overlap within the statistics is due to 1.3% of those receiving treatment reporting receiving both medication and psychological therapy.

Mental Health Matters Hub is an online community platform specifically designed to address everything relating to mental health. Discussion groups and live webinars, will play an important role in connecting the community, sharing information, best practice and lived experiences. Let’s connect, not disconnect. Reach out to professionals, service providers, carers, parents, teachers and employers. Be part of the conversation, join the community and let’s make a difference.