Live Webinar ‘Understanding Your Prescription’

Thursday 10th November 2022

09:30 – 16:45

Are you confused about your prescription? Do you fully understand what it does or why? Do you know what alternative options are available? Have you become addicted to your medication and want to get back in control or come off them? Is it possible to come off and if so how do you do it safely? All too often we hear stories about medications being used but not fully understanding what they do or how they are meant to help.
MMH will answer all these questions by taking a closer look at what is being prescribed, what it is meant to do, what are the side effects and what alternative options are out there. Join in the conversation with our leading experts on pharmaceuticals, GP’s, Psychiatrists as we delve deeper and hear from our young voices who will share their journey and experiences.

Discussion Topics

  • Top 10 prescribed drugs
  • What do they treat?
  • Side Effects
  • Duration
  • Alternative options
  • Take back control / Acceptance
  • Addiction
  • How to safely come off – or not
  • Lived Experiences